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Cindy, Valerie & John Strecker | Fine Art • Graphic Design • Illustration • Jewelry

Cindy, Valerie & John Strecker | Fine Art • Graphic Design • Illustration • Jewelry

Pet Portraits

Hi, my custom pet portraits are hand drawn, hand painted, and personalized to express your pet. I work in acrylic, watercolor, oil, pencil, pencil color, charcoal and pen and ink. If you don't see the size you had in mind, I can paint on any size canvas that is carried at the local art supply store. So gather some photos of your "sweeties", contact me here and we can set a time to get together. I like to learn about your pet, their personality, talk about the background color, etc.

- Cindy Strecker


8x10...$120   •   10x10...$125

11x14...$145   •   12x12...$145

12x16...$155   •   16x20...$175

20x20...$200   •   18x24...$220


Pet Portraits by Cindy Strecker

Cagney by Cindy Strecker

Bubbles by Cindy Strecker

Mr. H by Cindy Strecker

Baloo by Cindy Strecker

My Best Side by Cindy Strecker

Barley by Cindy Strecker

Pong by Cindy Strecker

Jake by Cindy Strecker


Duke by Cindy Strecker


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